Titeflex Corporation
• Household current (120v on certified 15 amp circuit).
• No failure.
• This product is also apparently lightning proof.  
• Lighting current testing at 107 Coulombs could not penetrate FlashShield.
OmegaFlex Corporation
• This is CounterStrike generation 2.
• Household current (120v on certified 15 amp circuit).
• Failure and fire fed by fugitive gas leaking from the CSST.
• This product failed catastrophically at only 10 Coulombs 
in simulated lightning current testing.
Black Iron Pipe
• This is typical black iron pipe (Schedule 40).
• No failures.
• Black iron pipe will not fail in simulated lightning current testing. 
• In one test, over 280 Coulombs were impressed upon BIP with no failure.
For some time, interest has grown about the ability of CSST products to withstand lightning energy.  Most homes affected by lightning are directly struck by lightning. Alarmingly, there has been an effort NOT to test CSST products ability to survive lightning damage. We resist such efforts.  If you would like to see actual direct strike lightning testing from an independant labratory, we invite those eligible to click on the button to the left.

Some have said there is no reasonable expectation that things in a home are are safe from lightning. To that we remind all, only gas plumbing in such a scenario is carrying an explosive.
Direct Strike Lightning test results on Black CSST
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